Pharmaco-economic Wave two

Course Description

This course will introduce the methods of decision modeling for health care applications. It will discuss the role of decision analytic models for economic evaluation, modeling approaches, key elements of decision analytic modelling (probabilities, expected values), development of a decision analytic models and interpreting decision model outputs. This course will walk you through the theory and practice of state-transition (Markov) models, and structures used to represent events over time. This course provides Hands-on experience through the use of very efficient modeling and simulation tools using R computational software

Learning Objectives

    By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • • Understand the role of Pharmacoeconomics in medical decision making.

  • • Identify the role of decision analytic models for economic evaluation

  • • Describe the different modelling approaches used in pharmacoeconomic evaluation

  • • State the stages of development of a decision analytic model

  • • Evaluate the quality of a pharmacoeconomic evaluation study

  • • Analyze the transferability of Economic Evaluation Results Between Countries

  • • Create a state-transition model using R software

  • • Interpret decision model outputs



JCI Accredited

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