Money Zakat

Hospital 57357 is a legitimate recipient channel for Money Zakat according to a Fatwa ( Islamic law ruling) whereby Islamic religious officials are urging Muslims inside and outside Egypt to contribute to Hospital 57357s endeavor to alleviate the suffering of all the children with cancer .

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This Fatwa also called for the setting up of three funds for 57357: one for Wakf, the second for Sadakat, and the third for Zakat. The Zakat fund would be covering the costs of equipment, medication, treatment, hospitalization, nutrition of patients whether directly or indirectly such as staff and physicians’ salaries, cost of surgeries and scans….etc

Charity organizations that collect Zakat and channel it properly are allowed to use some of its proceeds in administrative expenses linked to Zakat collection within reasonable limits and avoiding waste and excess.

Zakat payment contributes to the prevailing of solidarity, complementarity, cohesion, cooperation among the community and could result in the setting up of charitable projects.

Help me with your Zakat

To make it easier for donors, Hospital 57357 has a specific bank  account number for the collection of Zakat which is channeled directly to cover  the treatment costs of patients.

Money Zakat bank account numbers for 57357

  • Your Zakat will contribute to the treatment of a greater number of children with cancer
" alt="img09"/> Clinical nutrition donation program

Clinical nutrition donation program

" alt="img09"/> The children’s treating medications donation program

The children’s treating medications donation program