Quality & Children’s Cancer Hospital

Quality & Children’s Cancer Hospital

  • 57357 model of care is defined by SAFETY CULTURE, with a group of experts focusing their expertise on DELIEVERING THE BEST CARE FOR PATIENTS FREE OF CHARGE.Quality is one of the three domains that 57357 relies on “Healthcare quality, Research, Smart education” , quality in 57357 is embedded in each step to achieve the highest quality of care through an efficient and effective procedures, It involves the totality of a patient’s experience, from the first time in screening to the last appointment.

Quality of care is measured by
1- Measuring processes such as waiting times in clinics ,discharge process, medication delivery time … etc.
2- Measuring patient outcomes such as mortality rates, readmission rates, survival rates….etc.

Also there are global surveys that measures patient satisfaction, employee satisfaction, patient safety culture,…….etc. .

All quality indicators are designed to measure every step in operations at 57357, and to maintain the highest quality and continue performance improvement

57357 IS RECOGNIZD AS JCI accredited since Jan2016 and it is the first Non for Profit Hospital to be accredited in the Middle East


The following organizations recognize 57357 for high levels of quality and safety:
1. JCI Accreditation
2. ISO 14001
3. ISO 18000