Day Treatment Unit

Day Treatment Unit

Day Treatment Unit

The largest Day Treatment Unit throughout Egypt providing all outpatients with different treatments such as chemotherapy, hydration, long-term antibiotic therapy, blood products, and minor procedures. The area is a large open room concept that has comfortable reclining chairs. The busy unit is open 7 days a week, operating 24 hours a day to accommodate the great number of patients receiving outpatient treatment.

This unit is divided into:

  • Main day treatment unit located on the first floor

This area includes 54 chairs and is divided into three partitions and a room for the administration of rapid chemotherapy treatment. Patients are assigned to partitions according to their categorization by the clinical pharmacy. This categorization enables to facilitate the provision of care and to reduce patient’s waiting time. This unit receives 160 to 200 patients daily and around 4400 monthly.

  • Methotrexate day treatment unit located on the first floor

This area includes 12 chairs and is solely allocated to the administration of methotrexate. It receives 65 patients on a monthly basis. It is working 24/7 where the average patient is expected to remain from 3 to 5 days to receive treatment and follow-up up until the case is stabilized.

  • The Unit for the administration of antibiotics, blood components and G-CSF(Immune System booster) injections on the third floor

Patients are received only from 8am till 8 pm in this unit. Those requiring this type of care after 8pm are directed to the main day treatment unit. This section receives from 130 to 160 patients daily and around 2860 patients monthly.