Course Overview: Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition (Hands on course) This course will provide a detailed understanding of the principles of key issues of enteral and parenteral nutrition and provide sufficient training to enable the participants to identify the malnourished and how to deal with them to the highest standards of safety, quality, and accuracy. The course will also Provide education and training in the safe and effective uses of enteral and parenteral nutrition as well as developing a sound knowledge base that can be applied to a wide variety of practical situations



    Intended Learning Outcomes of the Course (ILO’s)

  • a- Knowledge and Understanding:

    • a1. Know how to identify the malnourished patients and those at risk of malnutrition.

    • a2. Know how to calculate the degree of malnutrition in pediatric oncology

    • a3. Know how to calculate nutrients requirement for patient according to his need and the medical condition

    • a4. Know how to choose the route for support and the indications and complications of each route and the type of formulas for each route and how to choose between them

    • a5. Know how to initiate and proceed in feeding to avoid complications

    • a6. Know how to write TPN and enteral orders

  • b- Intellectual Skills

    • b1. Demonstrate competence in selection the rout of administration of feeding.

    • b2. Competence in calculation of nutrients requirements according to patient need

    • b3. Stimulate skills for writing parenteral and enteral order in regards to clinical situation of the patient.

  • c- Professional and Practical Skills

    • c1. Apply knowledge in clinical practice

    • c2. Solving problems through case study



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