• Define USP 797 guidelines
  • List the ISO Classification of Particulate Matter in Room Air:
  • Summarize the Responsibility of compounding personnel
  • Define the compounding sterile preparation (CSP) microbial Contamination Risk levels
  • Define the garbing and the correct order of garbing
  • Apply good hand hygiene practices
  • Define the Clean room Air Flow Principles
  • List the rules and regulations of clean rooms
  • Apply the standard procedure of laminar and benches Disinfection
  • Summarize the special precaution of concentrated electrolyte Preparation
  • Apply safe handling of hazard Medications

  • Basic Intravenous Admixtures course describes the theory, preparation, use, and
  • Route of administration of sterile products and incorporates mathematical calculations, clinical Applications, and drug information skills.
  • Identify and utilize the new ISO classification as specified by the (USP 797) which describes the guidelines, procedures and compliance requirements for compounding sterile preparations.
  • Sets the standards that apply to all settings in which sterile preparations are compounded.
  • To prepare sterile preparations including Low-Risk, Medium-Risk, High-Risk, and Immediate-Use Products.
  • Demonstrate the revised USP 797 guidelines on hand washing, gowning and garbing and the preparation of various sterile products in the reclassified pharmacy areas to prevent the spread of disease and microbial contamination.



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