Naming Opportunity program

On-going Sadaka is what people donate out of their revenues for the benefit of a charitable institution such as Hospital 57357. These donations are spent to cover the needs of various Hospital operations as well as medical equipment. The rewards of on-going Sadaka remain even after the death of the donor.

On-going sadaka/charitable wakf

This represents the amount of money that people block as an endowment fund or trust the interest on which is donated and is benefiting a charitable project or organization. The Hospital is careful to soundly invest charitable wakf money so as to maximize its returns which will ensure covering cost of treatment of patients in the long run.No minimum amount is required for donations to the charitable wakf

You can choose to effect payment of the donation through our website by clicking here… or in our account number 1005057357at the National Bank of Egypt or you can send your contact information and a program specialist will be communicating with you click here…..

On-going Sadaka/Naming Opportunity

On-going Sadaka at Hospital 57357 is linked to a familiar concept in fundraising titled Naming Opportunity which is the concept of honoring important people by naming areas or equipment or programs after them. At Hospital 57357, the donor selects an area or an equipment to be named in return for a specified donation value. In recognition and gratitude for his gift, the name of the donor or any family member of his choice alive or deceased will be put on a plaque at the selected area/ equipment. A legal contract is signed with the donor to protect  his rights with respect to the contract agreement  for as long as the Hospital exists

You can donate by choosing one of the different kinds of On –Going Sadaka listed below:


    On-going Sadaka/ Naming Opportunity/ Areas


    On-going Sadaka/ Naming Opportunity/ Equipments


    On-going Sadaka/ Naming Opportunity/ Training and Education


    57357 new expansion


    On-going Sadaka/ Naming Opportunity/ El Waqf el Khairy