Smart Pharmacy Education Course (February 1st , 2017 – February 4th ,2017 completed)

Smart Pharmacy Education Course (February 1st , 2017 – February 4th ,2017 completed)


SMART Pharmacy Education

Shaping the future:

Innovative model to drive changes in pharmacy  education and practice in Egypt

SMART Education Program :

This programme aims to raise the awareness of the importance to bring about change in the  pharmacy  profession  in  Egypt  at  all  levels  of  education  and  practice.  The  programme    will

addresmainly  motivation  and  commitment  to  advance  pharmacy  in  Egypt,  using  internationally adopted tools. The introductory programme would include:

  • SMART Pharmacy Master Class 01 Feb 2017, 13.30 19:30

Target audience: Health Science Academy staff, Ministry of Health, deans of faculties of

pharmacy, practitioners, students

  • Preceptor Initial Training 02-03 Feb 2017 09:00 16:00 Target audience: Health Science Academy staff, preceptors
  • Innovation Workshop – to start changes 04 Feb 2017 09:00 17:30

Target audience: selected leaders from Health Science Academy, Ministry of Health,  Academia, practitioners, students, Health insurance, other stakeholders


Learning objectives

  • Introduce the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) model in pharmacy
  • Describe best models of CPD
  • Explain how quality of education leads to the quality of services
  • Identify how practitioners’ competencies can be assessed and results applied to the professional development  process
  • Describe the concept of a pharmacist’s learning portfolio and discuss the format
  • Design a tailored education plan for competency development
  • Connect educational outcomes with competency development using the principle of Commitment to Change
  • Discuss a possible SMART Pharmacy Program in Egypt
  • Empower preceptors by introducing the pharmacist as an educator and mentor
  • Preceptors development in clinical skills
  • Assessment & feedback as important parts of professional development in mentoring



Mike Rouse B. Pharm (Hons); MPS is Assistant Executive Director,  Professional Affairs and Director, International Services, Accreditation  Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE), Chicago, USA. Born in  Zimbabwe, Mike worked in hospital and community pharmacy before moving to USA  in 2001 to join ACPE. His primarily areas of responsibility are international  services and collaboration, professional affairs, and strategic initiatives.  Mike has published on education and training of pharmacy technicians,  continuing professional development (CPD), contemporary pharmacy  practice, advancing pharmacy education globally, quality assurance of  pharmacy education, and credentialing in pharmacy. He coordinated the  revision of ACPE’s 2007 PharmD Standards and is a global leader in  initiatives to introduce a CPD approach to lifelong learning.

Mike founded and convenes the International Forum for Quality Assurance of Pharmacy  Education and drafted the Global Framework for Quality Assurance of Pharmacy Education,  which was adopted by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) in 2008 and  revised in 2014. Mike served on the FIP Bureau and several other boards and committees,  and is Education Lead for Quality Assurance for FIP’s Education Initiatives (FIPEd). He has  been a consultant and invited speaker in more than 60 countries.



Dr sc Arijana Meštrović, MPharm has been working 14 years as a  community pharmacist and she was responsible for education and  competency development in the biggest pharmacy chain in Croatia.  She is now an independent consultant in Pharma Expert international  agency, providing lectures and workshops in CPD programs for  pharmacists, implementing new services in pharmacy chains and  teaching Professional Practice and Pharmaceutical Care at   universities in Croatia and Cyprus. Her Doctor’s degree is in (Competency Development and Evaluation group ) she is using The Global Competency Framework and evaluating its impact on pharmaceutical care and practitioner development in European countries .

Competency Framework and evaluating its impact on pharmaceutical  care and practitioner development in European countries.

Arijana serves as member of the International Services Program Advisory Group the  Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE, USA), Co-Chair of the FIP Programme  Committee, Expert Member of Board of Pharmacy Practice at FIP, and member of PCNE  (Pharmaceutical Care Network of Europe). She is collaborating with FIP’s Education  Development Team in areas of Competency and Quality Assurance in Pharmacy Education  Arijana is dedicated to promote competency-based education in CPD cycle among pharmacy  practitioners, so her teaching usually addresses all components of competencies –  knowledge, experience and motivation.