The Outpatient Clinics

The Outpatient Clinics

 27 Outpatient clinics are located on the ground, first and third floors of the building.

This is where the doctor will make the initial assessment of the patients, their treatment plan, and their regular follow-up.

The outpatient facilities are opened five days a week while triage rooms are available 24/7 for emergency cases that arrive in serious condition.

Outpatient facilities are receiving presently an average of 400 patients daily. All outpatient units are annexed to spacious and cheerful waiting areas and or play rooms for the children.

Non-solid tumors’ clinics including all hematology diseases are found on the ground floor.

Added to 15 physicians’ clinics, you also have on this floor 10 triage/ in-patient rooms, a blood transfusion clinic, a clinical pharmacist room, 3 assessment rooms and one follow-up clinic for bone marrow transplant patients.

As for the 12 solid tumors’ clinics, they are located on the third floor

 Location of OPCs

Ground Floor

11 Hematology Clinics

Screening Clinics

2 Hematology Clinics

First Floor

2 Hematology Clinics

Third Floor

12 Solid Clinics